A2J Technical Artisans

We provide engineering, product development and commercialization consulting services to the cycling industry.

Through our multi-faceted expertise we can assist clients with every aspect from formulating a cycling product, to developing the business case for it, designing it, developing it, identifying manufacturing options and assisting with commercialization. We are a small, highly focused and flexible team with deep industry knowledge intent on developing long working relationships with our clients.

Our expertise

We have developed a number of the industry’s most accurate, proprietary computer simulations tools that replicate the Tour Magazin semi-static bench tests. These tools allow us to reduce typical frame or component development time and costs by at least 50 percent. We have a close working relationship with one the world’s premier carbon composite producers, and can develop and source custom resin systems to achieve industry unique performance.

Our expertise includes:

  • Mastery of frame geometry and design.
  • Advanced capability in state of the art computer-aided engineering and computational fluid dynamics.
  • Expertise in carbon fiber composite materials.
  • Thorough understanding of resin systems.
  • Extensive experience in manufacturing very high precision carbon fiber structures.
  • Architectural precision and design aesthetics.
  • Extensive distribution and retail operations experience.

Rolo logotype

As an example, we developed the world unique Rolo custom monocoque road bicycle concept, completed all design and engineering work while developing all simulation and manufacturing tools from scratch, and brought the idea to market in less than one year. Specific Rolo lay-ups can range from the world’s lightest frame (demonstrated weight under 640g in production), to the stiffest ever tested at the Zedler Institut using the Tour Magazin protocol.





European Union flag

We are based in the European Union and all intellectual property remains within the European Union at all times.

If you are considering entering the cycling industry and would like assistance in formulating and developing all aspects of a concept, or just need assistance with resolving a specific problem, please do not hesitate contact us.